Wardrobe Essentials

There are always those few essentials that become constants in your wardrobe no matter what the season. They make the basis of any outfit and seamlessly blend into your style statement. While each individual may have their own 'set of constants', we've listed out a few that we feel may match your lists as well.

1. A white button down shirt: The most versatile element of your wardrobe.Nothing can go wrong with this one! Paired it with a  well tailored pair of chinos or a basic pair of denims. 

We recommend a 100% cotton or a poplin shirt which is classic and long lasting.

2. A sky blue shirt: The essential work-wear, a tapered fit with half cut away collar is pretty much a go-to for those spontaneous office meetings. To make a formal impression, paired it up with a navy blue or charcoal grey suit. We recommend a herring bone classic blue shirt.

3. Travel Jacket: One of the finest investments you will ever make in your wardrobe is a ready to go Travel Jacket. The need to look impeccable post those long hours of travel has now become almost imperative with busy schedules that we lead, hence we recommend and dependent upon the Fresco Jacket with its uncrushable feature which makes everything look nice all day long.

4. A Casual Blazer: Well fit blazers never fail to make a good first impression. Their versatility keeps makes them a staple for casual evenings to semi-formal brunch dates.

We recommend a 100%Bamboo Blazer paired with either denim or well-fitted trousers.

5. Grey Suit:  The formal wear classic- a Grey classic is a must have in the wardrobe for occasions that have a formal dress code. .We recommend a worsted fabric suit which works through out all seasons.

6 Black Tuxedo: This is dinner suit essential  a man can't do without. 

We recommend a classic fish lapel tuxedo paired up with a white formal shirt and black balmoral oxford shoes.

7: Chinos:  A more relaxed and comfortable alternative to your denim- chinos are our all time favourite. 

We recommend a 100% cotton chinos paired with a t-shirt or a casual shirt.

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