Tweed it Right

English style dressing has been making rounds ever since the onset of 'Savile Row' in London which has defined bespoke fashion over the decades. Naturally, when we talk about British classics, it's hard to miss out on the essential fabric of Tweed. Tweed has been around for hundreds of years, and there are many reasons why this beautiful, traditional fabric is enjoying a big resurgence

For many of our clients, it is the fabric of choice for their bespoke jackets and overcoats. It's  great for all weathers, in snow or rain, it's promising enough to keep you warm and cozy through the day, one of the many reasons why this fabric is a preferred choice for many.

Not just restricted by a singular color tone of the usual greens and browns,  tweed comes in many colors, typically of mixed flecked colours, which can include pinks, blues, oranges and reds. Owing to its longevity, it's safe to say how Tweed is one bespoke investment that your wardrobe must have!

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