Travel Must-Haves

A tropical weather packing philosophy is simple: start with the basics which can be styled in multiple ways. Here’s our curated list of ‘Must-Haves’ that would assure a light weight luggage with perfect getaway options. 

 White, Oh’ White- A relaxed pair of white trousers is always a good idea. Not only does it act as a neutraliser to your outfit, it also assures 100% comfort all through the day!

Our recommendation- The 100% cotton linen trousers.

Beach-Friendly bombers- What would those ultra romantic candle light dinners beside the beach be without that perfect jacket, well, a man always dresses up for occasions that matter. So a 100% cotton bomber jacket would actually just do the trick. 

 Style Tip- Perk it up with rolled up sleeves 

Linens are your best friend- Be it indoors or outdoors, beat the summer tropical vacay weather and adorn that sun tan with a color block white crisp shirt styled with a pair of super comfortable linen shorts. We assure you, the best will definitely await you! 

The long & Short of it- Lets just be honest, wearing jeans can be a pain while doing all that mandatory touristy parade. So slipping into those uber comfortable pair of shorts are actually just what you need to calm your senses and kick start the weekend mood.