The Pant-Break Style for you

As literal as it sounds, the break in a pair of pants- jeans, trousers, chinos is the fold or creasing of fabric above the bottom of the front of the pant leg where it meets your shoe. Is caked the pant break. Ultimately, the length of one’s pants – is a personal style choice and very much a matter of personal preference, aesthetics and body type.

This can be quite complex and definitely depends varies from each body type, hence we’ve put down four of the most common pant breaks and hemlines out there as well as some guidance on choosing what pant length would be right for you.

No Break : While the above-the-ankle style can only truly be pulled off by some, many guys feel comfortable with a “no break” hem, where the pant leg just kisses the top of the shoe. Not only does it give a very chic and European look, it definitely makes your lean looks stand out.

Slight Break : If the ‘no-break’ look didn’t cut it for you, but you still feel want to add a contemporary touch to your look overall, then the slight break pant can be your go-to. This looks best without a cuff and with the back of the pant leg angled a little longer than the front.Rest assured, this style guarantees the right kind of fit!

Medium Break : This is an ideal look for those with a more conservative style, who don’t want a tapered or slim trouser and want to go with a cuff. For all the traditionalists out there, this one’s for you!

Full Break : Ideally, to pull off this style and for it to look right, the pant leg needs to be wider. A classic style, the full Break adapts itself well to the older and the wiser giving a vintage feel to the overall look.