The Monsoon Style Staple

The monsoon season is upon us! While most of us want to thank those rain showers that are bring relief from the unforgiving scorching heat, on the contrary it’s also adding to the dilemma of the right kind of wardrobe for the season.

One of the most inconvenient things about monsoons would be the muck that comes with I, which clearly aren’t making those long trouser hemlines very happy. But look onto the bright sides of things and lets not forget how it also brings in the opportunity to wear those super comfortable shorts which you’ve been wanting to in the city ever since you returned from your long- tropical summer vacation.

When it comes to ideal dressing, men usually fall prey to bad choices which define the correct look for a particular occasion.

 While cotton & linen have been the most widely acceptable ‘comfort’ clothing, we have a few styles this season, that are definitely topping the charts!

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