Tailored Suits – Why they make all the difference

One of the oldest adages in the book states that “Clothes Maketh a Man”. There really isn’t much we can say to dispute that. This brings us directly to the topic of discussion – Tailored suits and, how and why they make all the difference.One can argue saying tailored clothes take too much time and effort but believe us when we say that’s a lie and it’ll all be worth it. There are more than a few reasons why tailor-made suits are worth your time and your money! Let’s discuss –

The Perfect Fit: There is nothing in the world quite like a garment that fits you perfectly. It boosts your confidence, it makes you look and feel sharp and it becomes the one thing you can rely on, no matter what. This is the space where tailor-made suits come in:

Made specifically to your measurements: Tailor-made suits fit like a glove! They have a way of making you look more accomplished, more polished and sophisticated, and more confident. Now, who doesn’t want that?!

Spoilt for Choice: When shopping from a store, you often end up choosing from what is available. But when getting your suit stitched with a professional, you are the boss of everything. From the fabric to the finishing and the styling, it’s all at your beck and call. Your tailor is the man who can make it all happen! Just tell them what you need.

Lasts Forever: The best part about a tailor-made suit, apart from it obviously being made specifically to your taste and measurements, is the quality. When you pick out the best fabric and the best tailor to bring your suit to life, you can be rest assured that the finished product will more or less last you a lifetime! It isn’t just about the fabric; the perfect fit that is achieved is also something that goes a long way.

Time Management: There is a misconception that getting a suit tailor-made will take too much time and effort. Let us drive that away for you. The time that you spend going through racks and racks of ready-made suits, trying to find the colour, fabric and fit of your choice is far more than the time you will spend with a tailor – picking out exactly what you want and getting it made exactly the way you want it.  

Comfort First :A tailor-made suit is made to fit only you. It won’t be shabby and lose, or be too tight and restricting. It will be perfect. It becomes increasingly easy to carry off something that you feel comfortable in. So if you’re planning to get one stitched for a big event, don’t be afraid to experiment with fabrics, textures and prints.

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We think we’ve given you enough reasons to consider going for a tailor-made suit over the ready-made ones you can get at the store or can book a Travelling Tailor Appointment !