Style Guide for Short Men

Being a few inches shorter may actually be at your advantage! You’d be surprised at the wide variety of ways in which you could actually style some of those basics just right, not to mention with the least amount of hassle.

So here’s a little peak into our designer’s diary, as he puts down styles that ought to be looked into-


Monochromatic palette - Dark hues such as black, brown and olive greens are ones that may just be your season’s new palette as they are known to lengthen your silhouette.To better define the upper part of the body, wear darker colors at the bottom, opting for shades of lighter hues on the top.


Vertical Stripes – Don’t just mistake these as boring office wear as vertical stripes could do your body frame wonders. It gives an instantly elongated look.

Avoid Baggy, Low Waisted Trousers – Wear your trousers at your normal waistline in order to maximize your leg length. Also opt for slimmer cut trouser as it will help make your legs look longer


Opt for Full sleeves – Instead of a short sleeved button down, wear a long sleeved shirt and make sure to cuff the sleeves. This will create an unimpeded line that will make your arms and as a result your body, look longer.

Length of the Shirt – If you have to un-tuck your shirt, make sure that the hem doesn’t go past your hipbone. Otherwise the rule is to always tuck it in, as it will give you a slimmer line and make your legs look longer.


Well Fit Suit – Get your suit tailored. Not only will it fit like a glove, but tailors know how to complement your frame. With suit trousers, for instance, shaving a few centimeters off the bottom can completely alter the shape of them – a good tailor will know how to counteract this and maintain their intended shape.  


Opt for a Single Button – Opt for a Single Button over Two Button Jacket. Simple.

Details – If you have a slender chest, you need skinnier lapels. If the back is vented, the vent should not rise significantly higher than your waist.  You don’t want a split all the way up the back of your coat.