The recent times have seen an uprising of casual styles and dressing; so much so, there is a new phenomenon in town – Smart Casuals. This daunting yet curious style of dressing has everyone in a tizzy as they go back and forth trying to figure out how to get it right. Well, have no fear – we’ve decoded it for you!

The basic idea is to craft a look that’s neat and comfortable at the same time. Think polo shirts, blazers and comfortable chinos, or a cotton jacket, jeans and derby shoes. You get the drift?

Smart casuals as an apparel style came into being in the last decade as a spinoff of casual wear that could be pieced together so fashionably – it could pass for suitable wear at semi-formal events. It added a flare of charming carelessness to the wearer’s demeanor, yet making him/her seem sophisticated enough so it looked like he/she belonged.Unlike with casual wear, smart casuals aren’t loose-fitted and relaxed. They are comfortable yet sleek. Now that we’ve established the basic idea – let’s move on to the details. 

Formal Smart Casuals:There is no specific segregation but the categorisation purely depends on the event you are going to. Formal Smart Casuals are better suited for the after party of a corporate event, or a post work soirée with colleagues and clients. This could be simple to pull off with just some minor additions and/or subtractions to your office attire. If you already wear formals to your workplace, then maybe just loose the tie and you’re good to go. If you dress casually to your workplace then keep a jacket handy and make sure you wear a shirt or polo to office so that you can add to that.

Smart Casual Men's Dress
Smart Casual Attire Male

Informal Smart Casuals: They can be a little trickier – mostly because you’re trying to keep it casual but you also need to be smart about it. A bit of a conundrum. You can keep the jeans provided they are clean – not ripped or frayed. The jacket is a must and so are shoes. Under no circumstances is it okay to put on your flip-flops – we suggest you leave them at home. Jackets can be unstructured, without any padding. But must be part of your attire. They pretty much tie the entire look together.

Business Casual for Men
Business Casual for Mens

As tricky as dressing according to the smart casual code can be – it is still the most fun style to adorn for any event and the most versatile too! We hope we’ve cleared at least some of your doubts regarding what to and not to do when dressing for this code. Keep it fashionable, always!