Must have formal suits in Men's Wardrobe

Fashion is always subjected to ever-changing tides of cyclical trends. But that’s not the case with formal suits. Be it your dream-job interview, official presentation or anything else, a formal suit goes well with almost anything. So choosing the right suit for you is all about the kind of occasion you have to set foot in. Men’s preferences vary to a wide range in terms of how many suits are necessary. Most men need more than one suit but most of them don’t have that kind of budget. So let’s narrow down the choices and colours which are going to suit you as it they are more versatile and useful compared to others. The following is the list based on colours:


The Blue: There are a multitude of colours and patterns in the colour blue which suits the taste of every generation. It is an evergreen colour that fits in any kind of event.  However, the undisputed shade of preference across all ages is navy blue. It doesn’t matter what the occasion, navy blue goes well with any complexion. The best part is everyone looks good in navy blue without a doubt. It must be first suit on your list of must-haves.


The Grey:The shades of grey tend to be slightly more formal than navy blue. The darker the shade, the more formal the event. Be it flannel or wool, charcoal grey is as versatile as navy blue when it comes to suiting. Charcoal grey suits must be on your list of classics.


The Classic Black Tux: The classic black tuxedo is a multi-purpose suit for various occasions. The most appropriate combination would be a white shirt and a black tie to go with it. A tried and tested combination across generations, it is another must have on your list and that’s why, we refer to it as a classic. However, it is limited in its versatility due to its stark contrast with anything else you choose to pair with it. It is a definite choice on occasions which demand a tuxedo and a black-tie dress code.


The Pastels: Pastel suits will appear initially as more of an oddity unless you really have it in you to carry it well. In case you want attention from everyone around you to make a presentation, pastels can never be a necessity in your wardrobe, however they can be used to create an impact.They are well suited for occasions where you are required to be dressed in smart casuals as they seem easy-breezy, even though they are in fact suits.


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There are variants of suits based on colors, patterns, and occasions. Everything must be taken into consideration before making a decision to purchase. Rest assured if you are ever pressed for choice, you can never go wrong with these classic colours in suits.

We think we’ve given you enough reasons to consider going for a tailor-made suit over the ready-made ones you can get at the store or can book a Travelling Tailor Appointment !