Foxspoke Guide for Big Men

You love carbs but they aren’t making you thin. Here are some tips which can give you a leaner look:

The Perfect Fit, it is: Avoid wearing very clingy or very loose shirts. Go for a tailored fit that gives your body an immaculate shape. Always opt for the a suit as it has the added benefit of giving you a top to bottom, put together look, elongating your frame. Heavy men can wear non-matching jackets and trousers, but there shouldn’t be much color contrast between the top and the bottom.

Darker Hues to the rescue: Dark colours always camouflage your heavier self. Lighter fabric puts more focus on the body than the face of the wearer. Go for blacks, navy blues or any dark shade. If you have a pot belly, we recommend you wear dark shirts and pair them up with lighter trousers.

Only Vertical Stripes: Vertical stripes pants or shirts will make your look body leaner. Narrowly spaced pinstripes are your best friend!

Blazers are your best friends! They work wonders to give a perfect lean look. Instead of a two button blazer go for a three button configuration. 

Accessorise Right: Do not go for loud watches or cufflinks they will make you look more bulky. Be minimalist and simple in your accessories. Be moderate and basic.

The Little things make all the difference:  While picking up different options for your bespoke suit a few things should be kept in mind to to achieve that perfect look. Always opt for the streamlined look of piped pockets. It minimizes the extra fabric around the mid section. Opt for bigger lapels as that covers more ground on the chest and the slanting lines help is creating a tapered , lean look.

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Be confident: Needless to say, Confidence is the key to a carrying out a great look!