Dress for a Black-Tie event

The recent red carpet at the Oscars literally swept us off our feet. While most of us remain in awe of the outfits that the celebrities are adorning, some of us just make notes of what and who made it to the 'It-List' We definitely form the latter. We are all for Black-Tie events, we feel the whole idea of bespoke and impeccable tailoring really is brought out at events like these. You'll be surprised there's more to a 'Black-Tie' event than just wearing a Tuxedo.

Here's our list of Must-Have's to save the day!

The Dinner Jacket- Otherwise known as the tuxedo, this is where a bit of investment is needed. The main thing that makes this different to your usual suit jacket is the contrasting material to the lapel with a silk material or similar, so you won’t be able to wear your suit jacket to these events. This one is a definite win-win. You could do up the tuxedo in various jewel toned colors to give an edge to your overall outfit.

Double Breasted Dinner Jacket-More commonly seen on casual suiting, the double breasted dinner jacket is a rare sight. However, a double breasted jacket only suit a very slim amount of people as the two buttons can make you appear wider than you actually are. Choose this one wisely!

Double Breasted Dinner Jacket

The Dress Shirt- Usually pristine whites are the preferred option at such formal events, and understandably so. Typically, when you’re wearing a black tie dress code with a bow tie, you should wear a dress shirt with a wing tip collar. A wing tip collar is a very small and unique shirt collar that lets the majority of the bow tie be visible around the back of your neck, with just a couple of small wings at the front to cover it.

The Formal Waistcoat- The waistcoat is about the only part of a black tie outfit where it’s acceptable to wear something that isn’t black or white. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity to experiment and bring a bit of your personality to your look.

The Formal Waistcoat

The Bow Tie- You can really quirk it up with this little element on your outfit. Trust us, this little piece would end up reflecting your personality more than anything else. You can even match your bow tie with your shoes or other details on the outfit. As funny as it may sound, this would definitely leave a lasting impression on every one.

The Bow Tie - Wedding collection for men

While the Black-Tie comes with it's own set of rules in dress forms, there's nothing that says that you cant create something otherwise. Remember to be you!