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In the age of fast fashion and ready-to-wear, bespoke since it's inception has been the most coveted amongst gentlemen across. The idea of bespoke tailoring, to have something tailored and created specially for you has it's own charm and we all would agree to this. Right from selecting the fabric of your choice to discussing a silhouette that makes the perfect fit for your frame, each step is one that is to be enjoyed.The 200 year of tradition of bespoke and handmade tailoring somewhere still owns it's space atthe core of a man's heart.

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Before the advent of sewing machines in the 18th century, all clothes were cut and sewn by hand similar to the way modern-day bespoke tailors work. However, the desired fit  was achieved in a way very different to our times. From the middle ages to the 18th-century, tailors created their patterns with methods that were their trade secret. They were not shared with apprentices until a master tailor handed over his business to someone who had bought it. Many more fittings than today were necessary. Nevertheless, the quality of the handwork was amazing and the fit often very close to the body. This is what makes bespoke so unique and desirable. The wealth of work that goes into each detailing that creates a perfect outcome.

Because bespoke crafted suits are made from scratch, regular customer involvement is absolutely necessary. You’ll be expected to come in for several fittings during the suit creation process, and these meetings and measuring sessions can be quite lengthy.

With made-to-order suits, fittings tend to be fewer and simpler. There is generally only the initial fitting, and then one final fitting to double-check the tailor’s work. Often, you’ll be able to take your suit home that day, following the second/final fitting.

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Customization is one of the big divers between bespoke and made-to-order suits. What is your vision for yourself? What do you want to display to the world? A bespoke tailor will make that vision your reality, with the use of extensive personal customization. Made-to-order suits will again have more limited customization options, either due to time or skill constraints.

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